Past, present, and future...

First introduced in the dystopian novel "I Dream of Fire," Dreamers are psychics who can see the future, but not of anyone they'll ever meet. In the future, their role is to prevent crimes, disasters, and atrocities. 

The short stories in the historical fantasy series Dreamers Through Time feature different Dreamers during periods in history when seeing the future was a very dangerous thing

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In a not-so-distant future, Dreams really do come true…


When the world ignores a warning of destruction, it rebuilds itself around the Dreamers that can predict and prevent another catastrophe. Revered, rich, and powerful, Dreamers are protected from all the dangers this new world presents.


So when Charlie discovers she has the talent, she’s shocked that her parents want her to hide it. Her father spends years secretly teaching her the rules and helping those she sees in danger, rather than sending her away to be trained and protected.


Now in her final year at school, with her own future uncertain, she'll be faced with the choice of following her Dreams... or her heart.