Writer Mom Life Episode 3: Katie Coughran and Skills

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In this third episode of the podcast, Daphne talks to Katie Coughran, who has just released the third book in her Clean and Quirky Romance series.  She’s well on her way to her goal of publishing 10 books this year, all while homeschooling her two kids – wow! We talk about how she decided on this goal, what her financial goals are, and how she breaks these down into smaller goals. We also discuss how minimalism can be a good idea for authors in order to maximize your happiness.


J. R. Frontera’s tips this week focus on the top 5 skills you’ll either need to learn, or outsource, in the world of self-publishing.


Topics we touch upon include:

How Katie set her 10 books in a year goal 

How she set her 6 figures in a year goal 

How writing is like bodybuilding (hint: you build up to the big stuff!) 

A few of the resources she’s used in her journey 

Her typical day/week 

People not respecting your writing time 

Minimalism in relation to time and negativity 

Her secret guilty pleasure 


Katie's links:

Her newest book: A Boyfriend for Graduation, is the third in her Clean and Quirky Romance series, and can be found here: http://amzn.to/2vhiwMD


Readers can snag some freebies at her website, including a free Broden and Cookie chapter book, a free Clean and Quirky Romance novella, and a free origins-type story that goes with Inheritance Aflame: http://www.katiecoughran.com/ 


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J. R.'s tips and links:


The top five categories of skills you'll need to learn (and in some cases, outsource), are the following:

  1. Editing

  2. Cover design

  3. Interior formatting

  4. Copywriting

  5. Marketing

Here are some of her favorite resources to help learn (or hire) all of the above:


J. R.'s Successful Self-Editing Checklist: http://eepurl.com/cL-XFf


Some highly recommended professional editors:

Cover designers:

Interior formatting: