What I did this week

As I trip and stumble ever closer to the (still to be determined) launch date, I have been focusing less on writing and more on the marketing/website/design side of things.

Looking back on the past few weeks, some have been very productive. Though if you had asked me on any given night, I would have said I'd done nothing!

For example, the last week of March I ...

-Created this website and blog

-Wrote a draft of my author bio and book description

-Found a picture I liked and could crop to make a casual headshot

-Created a separate email address for my writing work

-Updated my Goodreads profile

-Watched a series of free marketing videos to get ideas

-Bought a cover for the book

-Got great feedback about content from a friend of a friend (=an actual stranger reading my work! Exciting!)

-Took on additional duties at my job because of someone leaving

-Went to the movies with a friend

-Went to the gym

-Did not get sick despite both my son and husband being sick

-Cried at least twice because of how stressful my life is right now

The "taking on additional duties" one has been killer, since it means I am totally exhausted by the time I get home, and still need to do all the regular mother/adult things like cook and clean and do laundry.

My husband is a huge support, even when he's sick. I'll be repeating a lot how impossible this all would be without him. Like while I was drafting this post, he was listening to music with our son. Then after lunch last Saturday, he took him to the pool so I could work even more on the site. He's always been ready to take on more of the parenting duties while I pursue my various career and personal goals, and I am well aware of how special that is.

Like everything in life, there are ebbs and flows. This week was a bit calmer at work, but I had two nights where I did absolutely nothing for the book: I had a date night with my husband, and another night I did yoga with a friend at her house.

I wrote about three hundred words of a story idea before falling asleep last night, and I am super ready to get back to more regular writing. What has been most interesting to discover during this journey is just how much time it takes beyond writing to get things up and running. I'm slowly learning how to balance everything. I don't think I'll ever get it "right" but I'll keep fiddling with it until there's a week where I really feel like "Yes! I did everything I wanted and needed to!"

Maybe next week.