Webinars I've watched this week

I started writing in January and had by the middle of February I gotten pretty far along. My focus then switched to the marketing side of things. I knew before getting into this adventure that simply putting a book on Amazon does not mean anyone will buy it. And that is the reason I'm self-publishing and not just sending it around to friends via email - I want someone I don't know to read and enjoy my work. Since I am the type of person who needs to research everything before making a choice, I started poking around the internet to see what was out there.

The internet noticed, and now I am getting free webinar suggestions from Facebook. I decided to try a few this week, and while I don't think I'm at a place where I need to buy their products quite yet, they gave me lots of ideas for the future.

Jeff Goins had a free webinar talking about using your blog to build an audience. This helped me think a bit about how I might want to structure this blog in the future. It also helped me start to think about how I view myself as a writer, and how others view me. While I do think his full course might be useful for me, I am simply not quite ready to put in the time right now (overseas trip coming up). I also want to see how the things I've already learned work out, before implementing new techniques.

Melyssa Griffin's free webinar was about using Pinterest to help boost your blog/subscribers. The relationship to fiction writers wasn't obvious, and I'm not sure she intends the course to be for that audience. I don't think I'll look into buying her full course unless I go further down the blogger road. But the free course did give me lots of ideas. It was also reassuring in a way, that there is still so much opportunity out there. Things are changing all the time and even if something didn't work the first time, you can try again.

They were both about over an hour long, and while I could have used that time to write, I don't consider it wasted time. Both were very interesting and I learned a lot, and took away some action steps. Also, both made me realize I need to do a bit more thinking about what I want from this experience. So stay tuned for changes to the blog as I experiment with things!

I would recommend either to those who are interested in learning about marketing techniques for a blog. With a bit of creativity, what they both talked about can be applied to fiction writing. I do want to mention that while Jeff's was live and he answered questions from the chat, I'm pretty sure Melyssa's wasn't live. The chat was closed, and it sounded like a recorded presentation. I think she came on at the end to answer questions, that you could send via email. But without the chat, I had no way of knowing if this was really the case or if it was another recording.

Both centered around the importance of an email list. This is something I've seen mentioned a lot of other places. The first free online videos I watched a few weeks ago, from Nick Stephenson, also talked about the key role an email list plays in building an audience. How I found him is less clear, because my hours of research led me down many rabbit holes... But however I found him, the videos were a great introduction to the marketing side of self-publishing. Again, not sure I'l quite ready for the full course, but

I can easily get overwhelmed when doing research like this, and feel a bit of a panic that I'll never know enough to start acting. However, when so many different resources all talk about the same thing, my researcher's brain goes "okay, I guess this is definitely something worth exploring." Free videos give you the "what" and a tiny bit of the "how." I'll probably play around a bit on my own, do some thinking, and see if I want to learn more of the "how" at some point and buy a full course.