What I did (and didn't do) this week

This week was a little different than most, since we just returned from a two-week trip to visit family in Europe. Dealing with jet lag when you also have a small child is probably one of the least fun things in the entire world.

This could be why I wasn't up to writing a lot this week. The mental energy just wasn't there. However, as I mentioned last week, my favorite distraction right now is researching marketing. This was very much the case while I was on vacation. I finally had time outside of my usual 8-10pm time slot to write! Instead, I read articles, watched videos, and did other various "useful" things that were not actually writing.

I did get in a few good hours here and there, bought a nice notebook to jot down ideas, and had a few hours in a café where I did actually write. Not exactly the two weeks of writing madness I had originally hoped for, but I am going easy on myself. It was, after all, a vacation to see family and friends, not a writing retreat.

One thing I did while away was start to make a list of goals at the beginning of the week. However I completely ignored that this week, and focused instead on Facebook and Mark Dawson. I got on his list somehow (I think through a giveaway on another site), and recently got an email about an episode of his podcast featuring a short story writer. I decided to try it out on the drive into work one day, and was hooked. I've listened to three other episodes so far, one while at the gym, and others while doing things around the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry). They talk real numbers, real strategies, with real authors. It's exactly what my analytical brain loves.

Then, after watching his free, three video series on Facebook ads, I did what I had been hesitant to do since the very beginning: I created a Facebook page. I'm not sure why I waited so long to do it, other than not really hearing much about Facebook from what I'd been reading/watching. I wasn't sure it was really a useful tool. I was also worried that it would take up too much time. Having now read more on the topic, and depending on how things go over the coming months, I feel like this hesitation might go on the list of "mistakes I made early on."

I also joined a few different self-publishing groups to start seeing what full-fledged membership in the indie publishing community really looks like. Writing is such a solitary task; I am not sure how to go about interacting with other writers. Networking is not something I do well, but I know I won't get any better at it by avoiding it.

A few other things I managed to do this week:

- Signed up for 2 different paid promotions, one of which involved creating an ad (I used Canva)

- Emailed a few blogs to request a review for my book (not sure this will really help, but I've discovered a few new ones to follow)

- Sent my first newsletter to my mailing list (sign up in the sidebar if you want to get the next one!)

- Wrote a teeny tiny bit (less than 2 hours total)

It didn't feel like one of my more productive weeks, but it's not too bad considering I was struggling to stay away by 7pm most nights.