Monthly resources recap: Monica Leonelle, Derek Murphy, and Facebook Groups

I wanted to do a little update from last month about resources I've been using. There are a few that I'm still finding useful, like Mark Dawson's podcast, and a few new ones.

Two new names I've recently discovered are Monica Leonelle and Derek Murphy. Both seem to be doing eight hundred different initiatives, both have books about writing, and both have tons of great free stuff on their website. Monica has three or four free audio/video courses to go along with her book series. I bought one of her books and read it through in a single day, feeling super inspired and focused. Every time I get a new resource from her, it's like she just gets it.

In Derek's case, in addition to his books, he also runs some very active Facebook groups, which are great for asking questions, setting up cross promotions, and other resources.

Participating in Facebook groups has actually been a big new thing for me this month. I am part of a small private group through Books Go Social and then joined Nick Stephenson's paid group after a 30 day free trial. From there it has kind of expanded (10 minute novelist, For Love or Money, 20BooksTo50k) and I need to get it under control. My feed is now all groups and no friends!

As I mentioned in my post on how yoga is like writing, it seems like every new resource I come across tells me that what the others were saying was wrong... do your FB page this way, no, this way. FB ads are a waste of time, do this instead... Seriously, who am I supposed to listen to?? Joining the groups has helped, because even if a certain author created/maintains it, there are thousands of others there to give advice. So at least this way I know everyone else is doing their own thing and figuring it out, too.

Seeing that people with super high Amazon ranks still put out calls to do cross promotions is a reminder that this is an ongoing thing. There is no relaxing once you get to the top. Success looks like doing whatever you did to get there over and over to make sure you stay there. I know this is often pointed out by the big names, but seeing it in action every single day, by people a little closer to my stage of the journey, is more motivating.

Hurray for Facebook actually making me feel better about my life and not worse!