Writing struggles: finding time to exercise

Whenever you add something to your plate, something else has to get pushed off. Lately, for me, that's been exercise. I haven't stopped completely, but it's dropped to once a week. And last week it was only a 15 minute HIIT workout.

I am by no means overweight, so this might not seem like it should matter. Since I am all about the numbers, I'll share that with a BMI of 21 I am right in the middle of a perfectly healthy range. 20 pounds from being overweight, and 15 above being considered underweight. However, while I am certainly more forgiving about my body since having my son 3 years ago, I just don't feel that great lately. All the various things I've done over the years -running, yoga, pregnancy, paleo, whole30 - taught me to listen to my body. And right now my body is not happy (probably because instead of running/yoga/paleo/whole30, I sitting in bed eating chocolate ice cream most evenings).

My weekly schedule from a few months ago doesn't look too different in terms of time available for writing related tasks, but my priorities are all over the place and energy levels have been super low. So I have the time to write but I am feeling torn about what to focus on, not feeling very creative, and even nodding off at 8:30 in the middle of writing!

It has been super hot this summer, and we are without air conditioning, so sleep has been difficult. Our son is also sleeping poorly, which means he needs extra energy from me and my husband to handle his moods. By the time dinner rolls around, we all end up eating a lot of cereal and hot dogs (and ice cream).

These struggles might not seem like they're related to writing, but it's all linked. Hot, tired, and eating poorly is not a good combination for anyone, but especially for someone who is trying to put creative content out into the world. I don't feel good about myself, so motivation is low, and producing less makes me feel worse, so motivation is even lower... It's a hard cycle to break.

Still, I am not so unmotivated as to stop trying. There is no "perfect" schedule and what "work-life balance" really means is accepting that there are seasons for everything. August will be very writing-focused, trying to finish up part 2 of my novel, but family is visiting for almost the entire month so there will be a bit of extra help with the cranky toddler. And who knows, maybe even an evening out with my husband! Our regular hanging out time has been spent on laying on the floor in front of fans, trying not to melt, so being able to sit in a cool movie theater this week will be amazing.

I've promised myself next month the focus will be more on exercise, once this big project is done. I'm eager to see if it actually makes my writing easier, even if I have fewer hours overall to spend on it.

Do you find exercise and creativity linked?