Resources for writers who want to start a podcast

I started a podcast in July, and like self-publishing, I found many great free online resources on how to create it. I haven't dived into them quite as deeply yet, but I wanted to share what I've been using so far, in case anyone else was thinking about starting a podcast.

John Lee Dumas

He has a free 15-day email series training, which spaces things out nicely for someone like me who wants to read everything all at once! Lots of video tutorials on his site for the technical side of things.

The Showrunner has both a podcast on podcasting and a short little guide to get you started (and on their mailing list).

Joanna Penn has resources in two places on her site to help you get started (I got the intro music to my podcast from her suggested source of Soundsnap).

There are others out there, but it's all pretty much the same thing. Get the right tools and software, record, edit, and post! Then it's just about getting the word out there and being consistent.

Just like reading makes you a better writer, listening to other podcasts helps you learn that craft as well. I also wanted to share a list of the writing podcasts I listen to. There are so many good ones out there, and I have been paying particular attention to how the interviewers ask questions, in order to clean up my style a bit. Most of them are weekly, whereas mine is every other week, so they are there while you're waiting for my next episode to come out. ;-)

Podcasts on my Stitcher list:

- Self-publishing formula with Mark Dawson (self-publishing focused)

- The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn (self-publishing focused)

- The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins (all types of creatives)

- Write Now/Coffee Break with Sarah Werner (craft and interviews)

- How do you write with Rachael Herron (writing process, what it "looks like" to be a writer)

Since my commute is only 20 minutes each way, I don't have time to listen to every episode every single week, but I pick out the ones that sound interesting. But I will soon start walking once or twice a week to work, which will take well over an hour, so I'll have a lot more time to listen!

Do you have any podcasts to recommend?