Simple hacks for balancing parenting and writing

My son recently has been requesting we stay in the room with him while he falls asleep. Since we just moved him to a big bed, we expected a period of transition, and find this a more agreeable solution than having him sneak out every few minutes to come find us.

My husband usually puts him to sleep, so I can start writing around 7. On the nights it falls to me, I tell myself I can write once he's asleep, but it always seems like it takes him extra long to do so when I'm in the room. I was at first frustrated that this delayed the start of my precious writing time, often by as much as an hour. While I would sometimes read (an important part of writing), usually I'd just scroll through social media, feeling frustrated and grumpy.

Then, I suddenly realized, there is no reason I can't write in his room. I turn the luminosity down a bit, sit on the opposite side of the room, and turn the screen away from him. I get to write, and he gets a nightlight plus momma. Parenting/writing win for everyone!

Other times, I need to work in a bit more parenting to the writing side of things. I listen to podcasts in the car on the way to/from work and daycare, and my son doesn't seem to mind listening to the people talk. It's a good 3-4 hours of additional "writing time" per week for me. Already a win, right?

However, I realized this is kind of a lost moment for my son to be getting extra French in his day. We speak it at home all the time, but 90% of his media is English. There's no French radio or Netflix, and he sadly doesn't seem to like the book CDs that his grandmother sent from France.

I decided to put on a French podcast the other day. At first he protested, as he often does when he's not hearing the language he expects (like when I speak to him in French in front of the teachers at daycare, for instance). After a few days of just 5 minutes, he got used to it and I increased the time. I'm up to about half the commute in French, the other half my favorite podcasts, which seems like a good balance.

I found a few on books and cinema, and have just discovered one for self-publishing. So I am still listening to useful information, and he gets more French. Another parenting/writing win!

I think most parenting hacks are mainly about being creative and working with what you have. Sometimes, with the tiredness and frustration, it can be hard to feel like there's a way to do anything at all.

So these were just a few examples of ways to take something you're already doing - whether on the parenting side or the writing side - and change one thing to make it more balanced.

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