Does releasing another book help increase income? (Part 1)

The suggestion we often hear in self-publishing is that the best way to earn more money is to release another book.

I released a short story in July and August, and that didn't really do much. What made the difference in those months was a Bargain Booksy ad and Amazon ads. September I didn't do very much at all, and you can see in my earnings chart that there were consequently very few sales.

In October, however, I released part 2 of my book. I promoted it to my list, asked for ARC readers, and had it in a few newsletter swaps. While it didn't double my sales or anything, it was my best month so far: $19.91.

Total spend for the month was $319.01 but only some of that was on this book specifically: $150 for edits, and $40 on Facebook and Amazon ads.

So while I'm still very much in the red, it was nice to see things increase a little bit this month. I sold 31 books in October, so it was also my best month in terms of units sold. My best month before this was July, when I sold 28 (and that was with a paid promotion).

This month I am trying new things with Amazon ads and I am in a few newsletter swaps. I also tweaked my welcome sequence when people sign up for my mailing list (which they do almost exclusively from BookFunnel and similar reader magnet joint promotions. I've had only a handful of signups from the website and back of the book links).

So far, you can see that in just a few days, I've already done better in November than in all of September. Is it from having the second book? From the newsletters? I'm not really sure yet.

I'm not spending too much time on marketing this month since I'm trying to focus on NaNoWriMo. So it'll be interesting to see how November turns out! Stay tuned...

Has releasing more books helped your sales?