Guest post: Talking to a writer can be better than writing!

I am busy writing away for NaNoWriMo, so I reached out to some other awesome writer moms to get some guest posts! Today, I am excited to feature Christine Beishline, author of The Light Blood: Forever Starts. Just like I discovered in September, meeting other writers in person is so important!

I took a break during work today and met an author friend of mine. She was on her way to meet with a new client. She’s a clinician, and I was taking a late lunch to catch up and share newbie-writer notes.

We met a few weeks ago, both fresh from launching our first books, at a local author group meeting. Both of us have been writing since we were young. The subjects of our books could not be more different. She wrote her book from personal experiences based on having a very unhealthy relationship with food. My novel is a young adult science fantasy novel. If you like Dr. Who, astronomy, and the idea of what it might be like to shoot light from your hands, live in an energy-form, or travel around the Milky Way, then you’d like it quite a bit.

For writers, we were immediately talking. A lot. I took lots of notes, and so did she.

Do you have PayPal account?

Did you contact the state to pay taxes on any book sales?

Did you know you could get these cool magnets that are cheap and would make a cool swag item?

Have you done a giveaway on Goodreads?

How are you getting your book reviewed?

Have you done an ad on Facebook?

How is your newsletter coming along?

We shared what we knew, and the conversation drifted to the nitty gritty - getting the book out there.

She has been in several local newspapers, and has an interview coming up with a local, large news station. She has called many large media companies, talk shows, and has author events scheduled for the next several months.

I have been networking, trying to find the right conventions, and learning how to launch a book using newsletters, giveaways, and getting reviews. As well as trying to finish and launch book two.

For both of us, our books mean more than just being good stories. We both wrote about our passions, and we both want to write full-time. The novels are dreams come true. As a working mother who is trying to put food on the table and be what everyone needs me to be, it was a much-needed connection with another writer who understands what I am going through. And, more importantly, why I am doing it.

I left our conversation feeling overwhelmed, yet energized. I can’t wait to meet again in a few weeks!

Create some good today!

Christine lives in the woods with her husband, two children, two dogs, and eight chickens. She is a constant day dreamer, although she has always tried to hide it (especially in her real day job). She is fascinated by quantum physics, space-time, black holes and the universe, although she is by no means an expert. Christine is passionate about exploring the often understated powers of light and love and the simplicity of nature in God’s wonderful universe.

Where to find her online: