Taking a little break

Between NaNoWriMo, podcast stuff, a new website, and a launching 3 new projects at my non-writing job, the past 2 months have been pretty intense. I can feel the burn out coming... So I'm trying to head it off by taking a little break until the new year.

However, as every parent knows, a break does not really mean doing nothing. Even on the days I'm home sick from my non-writing job, I still have to make sure my son is fed and clothed and gets to daycare. It kind of feels like that with writing. Even if I'm not writing for a few days, I have other maintenance things that I can't ignore. But I needed a break from all of that, too.

What I wanted was an entire day not writing or doing anything author/podcast business related. I tried Saturday, and was almost successful. I just couldn't help but do a few newsletter-related tasks. Turning off 100% just felt impossible.

I will try to work in more "business-free" days next year, to keep the stress at bay. It may be a monthly habit instead of weekly, but it'll be better than nothing!

I am trying to remind myself that I am starting a business, and the first few months/years require crazy amounts of work, period. There is no way around that, really. This year was all about trying EVERYTHING to see what worked, what didn't, and what I liked. I am already more focused for next year, but that doesn't mean I'm doing less. Just more in fewer areas, rather than a little bit in lots of different areas.

I know more about my writing speed and podcast priorities, so figuring out a schedule for 2018 that incorporates breaks shouldn't be too hard. And the first break starts now! From now until January 1, there will be no writing of anything new (okay, maybe a bit of plotting) including blog posts. This will be the last one for a few weeks. But I'll be back in 2018 hopefully feeling refreshed and with a new website for the podcast/blog.

Are you taking a break during the holidays? Or pushing to get a big project ready for the new year?