January writing update

I set out a few goals for this year, and here's where they stand at the end of month 1 of 2018:

Writing goals: I wrote 10k of a romance novella and have edited 50k of a YA novel, so things are on track so far! Next month I'll publish a Dreamers short story.

Reading goals: I read The Emotion Thesaurus as my craft book and have been using it as a reference when editing. I was lucky enough to snag an ARC copy of the next book in the Write Like A Boss series as my business book. I read A Fine Imitation. Historical fiction isn't my main genre, but I also reread The One, which definitely is.

Personal goals: Lots of yoga! I did the 30 day challenge with Adriene, and while I skipped some days and only did day 23 today, I am feeling good. No running yet, because it's January in New England and running in snow is not my idea of fun.

I realize I wrote one week off per month in my goals, and I think I meant one day per week, or possibly one day per month. I didn't quite get there, but I was sick one weekend and did very little, as well as one day when I went out with a friend and only checked emails and Twitter, so no writing or podcasting. Next month I definitely need to work on working a bit less!

Podcasting/WML goals: Things are right on schedule! All numbers are up from last month, so they should keep growing!

Financial goals: I am at $12 revenue and... much more than that in expenses, so pretty far off the goal. But I set those goals to reach by the end of the year, not the first month.

With so much going on, I did not realize I wouldn't be updating this blog as much. I will try to do at least these monthly recaps, and maybe one or two more, related to what I'm currently writing!

How did your January go?