April writing update

I set out a few goals for this year, and here's where they stand at the end of month 4 of 2018:

Writing goals: The final Dreamers short is on hold. It was just taking a lot of time and energy and I needed to get started on the third royal romance. And then there is a different story I've agree to do for my YA work. But I fully intend to finish the short by the end of the year! Maybe even by the end of the summer.

Reading goals: I don't think I read much non-fiction this month. My brain was a little full from house hunting. I read "Lucky in Love" by Kasie West, which was cute. And I kept on plugging away at a few longer SFF works I started last month. But I needed a break from more serious things and ended up rereading the first Harry Potter book. Sometimes my brain just needs something familiar with so much new stuff going on.

I did get a few free romance novels at my first writing conference (for romance writers). I finished one that weekend, "Destiny's Embrace" by Beverly Jenkins. I hadn't read that era a historical romance before, and really enjoyed it.

Personal goals: I didn't mediate as much as I'd planned. Or work out much at all. Again, April was so crazy with house hunting and buying and my non-writing job that I honestly can't remember anything else we did. I know we did a lot, and I'm sure I worked out a few times, but clearly not enough to make me remember!

The one week "off" definitely isn't happening the way I wanted it to. I'm still in the hustle phase of this venture so I need to do something every day to keep things afloat. But I'm seeing some good progress with certain systems that mean I can put in less time every day, which is encouraging.

I have commitments to myself and others to write about 60,000 more words on various projects this year, which really isn't that much. So I'm hoping by July to be in a better work/break rhythm once all of those are done! And I can figure out what I like writing best and focus on that in the fall.

Podcasting/WML goals: We're getting really close to the 500/month download mark! The FB group is growing really well.

Financial goals: With the third book in the YA series releasing in April, it was the best month ever for all three of us writing the series. I made about $400 in sales, and spent about $200 on ads, so I doubled last month's profit of $100. May is starting out a little slower, but my romance series is launching so I'm hoping that does really well! Again, with all the ongoing costs (website, newsletter, etc.) I'm not anywhere close to breaking even, but hitting that $100 in ad profits per month will really help!

There we go for the fourth monthly update of 2018!