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May writing update

I set out a few goals for this year, and here's where they stand at the end of month 5 of 2018:

Writing goals: My first royal romance launched this month! And I got the second back from the editor and sent her the third. So this series is right on track. This next month I need to launch the second and write a short for my YA romance series, so busy days ahead!

Reading goals: I started a few non-fiction books and just wasn't able to focus on them. I did finally finish "Who Fears Death?" that I started way back in October, so that felt great. I am still going through a rereading phase since other things in life are so complicated, but I did sneak in a new romance that was very fun. I think it's safe to say that Victoria Dahl is my favorite!

Personal goals: There was very little exercise this month and bad sleep, so no surprise that I got sick! It was over the long weekend, which was raining and cool anyway. I attended another local writing conference, so lots of indoor time in the air conditioning didn't really help!

We bought a house at the very end of May, which is a big deal and I know I should give myself a break, but now the list of never ending home improvements begins! So while I should have more time on weekends and evenings, I might actually have less. With summer finally here, however, I am hopeful that I will get outside a bit more and exercise will be easier to incorporate.

Podcasting/WML goals: We hit the 500/month download mark! The FB group is still growing really well. It's amazing that I can go in and see new posts and already 10 people have commented on it. I am so happy this side of things is going well, and allows me to focus more on the writing. But I want to spend a little time this summer working on the next direction to take all of this.

Financial goals: The Romance launch did not do as much for my overall income as I thought it would. I suspect because there is not a lot of crossover between the sweet YA and the adult romance. Also, with only the first book out in the series, there isn't a lot of incentive to buy it until all three are out. I spent way too much on ads that didn't work, so my net profit is down to $100 again, despite sales being nearly $350. I am testing a few things in June and the second book will come out, so we'll see what that does to things!

There we go for the fifth monthly update of 2018!