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About Me

- Daphne James Huff, Author -

Daphne James Huff has been writing romance for adult and YA audiences since she was a young adult herself. Her favorite kind of story has a main character who thinks they've got it all figured out until someone barges into their life and messes everything up (Translation: Give her all the enemies to lovers books, please!).


Daphne works in HR during the day and fills her nights with reading, baking, and practicing whichever sport she’s fallen in love with most recently (2022 she discovered inline skating).


When she’s not writing, she enjoys partaking in her hobbies with her husband, son, and cats (though finding skates that will fit the cats has been a bit difficult).


(There are not this many parentheses in her books…usually.)


Follow her on Instagram @daphnejameshuff


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